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Sam, as old as TOKIO. Born the day where Arashi and NEWS debuted, only in a different year.
Gonna learn Japanese next year :3
Major JE fangirl, IMO. Proud JE fangirl ever since 17 November 2008. NEWS and Arashi and a lil' bit of V6/TOKIO fangirl. ^^ Although I'm in said fandoms currently, I was Toma-baited ♥ Through Hanakimi; so Toma will always have a special spot in my heart <3
I know many have been Yamapi-baited or Jun-baited or Ryo-baited, but I was baited into Johnny's by Toma :3
On a side note, I am really talkative, so when I spam, I spam hard.>< Am actually Half-Singaporean & Half-Taiwanese. So I can speak English and Chinese, but my Chinese sucks (Where it should be good by default since Taiwan's main language is Chinese).

Why JE? Because JE is like my safe haven, where I can relax and forget about studies and stress and laugh until my lungs burst. And then continue laughing. JE is also like Disneyland <3 And because JE Boys have the Voice, the Moves, the Talents, the Abilities, the Everything (:
My bias is Masuda Takahisa.♥ Obvious bias is NEWS, hidden bias is Arashi, once-in-a-blue-moon bias is Senpai groups like V6/TOKIO. All icons on this journal are made by me with the exception of 2 NEWS-related ones. :3 I write fanfics too, just DM me for the link 8D /*excuse since I'm very lazy to link*

Even though I'm in this fandom, I still read mangas. And watch anime. Ouran High Host Club was the manga that brought out my other personality.
D. Gray Man will forever be my first love ♥; and I've read tons of manga before.
Currently trying to complete many many mangas before school reopens.
My other personality is an Otaku. Though not as serious as Nino, but still rather hardcore. :3
The amount of animes I watch is on par with the amount of JE videos I watch. ^^V

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